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rate edges up. what all right president say about it, moments from now in a live statement from the rose garden? we will have it from you and speak with his soon-to-be ex-senior economic adviser, christina romer. >> there was chaos in pakistan this morning as an explosion is caught on camera right at the moment of impact. good friday morning, i'm chris jansing live from msnbc world headquarters in new york. we begin today with hurricane earl pushing 105-mile-an-hour winds and driving rain. and giving the northeast a beating. so let's tell you what's going on and how it might affect your labor day holiday plans. right now, earl is moving past the outer banks of north carolina and up the coast. it's still not clear just how close this storm will come to cape cod and the massachusetts coastline. take a look at nags head, north carolina, last night as the storm rolled through. while earl is now a category 2
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storm there is still concern there could be power outages, damage and flooding. now let's take a look at those nasa images from space. they show just how big earl was at its peak t is still powerful enough to cause 30-foot waves and erode beaches. >> once it starts, you could sit here and watch and the boats are bouncing. >> we have reporters from kill devil hills, north carolina to massachusetts covering earl's impact. let's begin with the weather channel's julie martin in ocean city, maryland. julie, how's it going? >> worst of hurricane earl is now past the outer banks it is heading toward the mid-atlantic, here in ocean city, maryland, we are seeing gusts upwards of 30 miles an hour but the heaviest rain remains offshore. the atlantic though is really churning out there. you take a look at this sea, you can see why ocean city's mayor has decided not to allow anyone in the ocean waters today.
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now, the beaches, however, will remain open for the many tourists who want to come out and take in the screenry, however, this situation, the screenry, is going to get a lot worse as the day wanes on. we are expecting tropical storm-force winds still coming through this area. rain heavy at times and certainly a very high surf come early afternoon. the good news is earl's going to move through here pretty quickly. he shouldn't amount to much flooding and is going to race on to the northeast by this evening. so by this evening, should be clear skies here in ocean city, maryland, and a beautiful weekend, a strong rip current threat at sea. that's it for now. back to you guys. >> julie, thank you. further north, giant waves, pounding surf, rain and wind will be earl's impact for new jersey. let's go to the real jersey shore, where this weekend with would typically be a big money close to the summer season. nbc correspondent mike taibbi is live in long branch, new jersey. and mike, i wonder if there is concern there that people might not show up on the beaches this
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weekend. >> how you doing, kris? there has been some concern, it hasn't manifested itself yet. you look behind me, you can see the beaches, they are empty, the red flags meaning no swimming, as julie said are all up and down this beach, except for the unprotected beaches, i saw some surfers and swimmers early this morning 6:30, taking an early morning dip. here this is one of the hotels in long branch, and it is packed no ray is can city for this weekend an the manager told us no cancellations that is the same sort of thing we have heard from cape may to ocean and mon mouth counties. the economic impact not likely to happen. today, as julie suggested, there is going to be a period of to uncertainty and discomfort in the mid-atlantic states. those winds that are going to be tropical storm-force, 40 miles an hour or so, will likely hit here, the wing span of the storm is wide enough 150 miles, feel the winds here. no hurricane-force winds, even though they have been an emergency disaster declaration meaning they can close roads and open emergency shelters, not
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likely to be called in, no major flooding suggested, not even all that much rain, the rain did just start about ten minutes ago just in time for this report. so going to get some effects from the storm but looks like new jersey's streak, not having a landfalling hurricane for 111 years will continue along the real jersey shore. kris? >> you talk about the 40-mile-an-hour winds, the obvious question is that strong enough to blow snooki over? >> i heard it was a couple of gin and tonics that blew snooki over a couple of weeks ago, kris. >> i thought aid good line, mike had to one-up me. thank you, mike. >> yeah. yeah. >> take care out there. >> good know that the economy there is not going to suffer this san important weekend for them. there are some problems though. scattered power outages reported in the banks of north carolina, including the remote island of ocracoke. the winds so high this morning, ems service was suspend there had for an hour. right now the storm is leaving the outer banks, travel agent 18 miles an hour.
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rain and wind though slowing down. 400 people did spend the night at shelters though. north carolina highway 12, part of it, just reopening now, but the southern part remains closed. and emergency crews are out, even as we speak, surveying damage and flooding. the worst of things came overnight, ocracoke, north carolina, again, saw wind gusts 73 miles per hour there are reports of three feet of standing water in some areas and schools today in dare county, which of course is the outer banks, are closed. now this storm may be a category 2 now but it is going to have a major impact on travel plans for people trying to drive anywhere on the east coast. tracking the path of the storm, nbc meteorologist bill karins. where might we see some of the problems, bill? >> if they are going to happen it will be new england late this afternoon into this evening, the next area of concern what is going to happen thought on cape cod, martha's vineyard and nan tuck set in saw the shot there is from new jersey shore, maryland shore, a lot of areas of virginia kind of similar. not going to get a lot into the
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station, a day you don't want to be at the beach but not going to cause a lot of destruction. rate dar, oranges and yellow, where the heaviest rain is most part, all offshore, where the strongest winds are, along the coast at 29, that is a 29-mile-an-hour wind gust. virginia beach in the 40s and 50s, now down to 32678 the worst of the weather will pull off of the north carolina and virginia coast the next couple of hours. the weather will slightly get worse from delaware northwards, long island at the jersey shore. later this afternoon, the heavy rain will move to cape cod, still where we have the hurricane warnings in effect. large waves are now arising out on long island and eventually up let me take you quickly through the winds. the wind are in orange, the tropical storm wind could clip new jersey anding on island at 4:00 this afternoon and move eastern through new england. any damage, any widespread power outage, really the only area a chance of doing that would be
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out on cape cod. even that forecast is looking better, kris. >> what a relief. thank you, bill. there is breaking news on the job mark threat morning, the spin is sure to start, unemployment inched up from 9.5% to 9.6 last month. 54,000 jobs were slashed but that number was better than expected and private employers actually add jobs. any moment, we are expecting to hear from president obama at the white house rose garden and we will have his remarks for you live. also more on the latest snapshot of the market with msnbc analyst vera gibbons and mike viqueira live at the white house. mike what are we expected to hear from the white house in terms of reaction to the latest number? >> you are right, chris, the president is due to appear in the rose garden, running a little bit late, meeting with his top economic advisers, including treasury secretary tim geithner and christina romer, outgoing chair of the council of economic advisers. we can expect them to some deg groirks accentuate the positive. we have seen a tweet from robert gibbs, the white house spokesman
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today saying let's look at the bright side here. for the eighth month in a row, we have added private sector jobs, 67,000 to be exact. much of that was offset. the reason why the unemployment rate, top-line number ticked up a tenth was because of the loss of those census jobs which, ironically earlier enough, this year, were responsible for the top-line number coming down some what it is a matter of expectations. the president, as he has done the past several months is going to express concern for the millions of americans who remain out of work what we saw in this report today was a number of people outside of the job market are trying to come back into the job market and that also drives that number up somewhat and the president now is considering further steps that can be done legislatively in terms of tax cuts but the reality is, congress not due back until next week. not expected to taking any new up in that regard and -- before they go away to run for re-election that is going to happen some time in early october, chris? >> a stimulus, another stimulus absolutely not going to happen?
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>> certainly not going to call it a stimulus in any event. robert gibbs said just yesterday that some -- that a big, ambitious program, much like the $787 billion stimulus that passed, obviously, one of the first acts of the obama administration, simply not on the offing. that is obviously bowling to the political reality here and the white house once again reminding us that there is a small business bill that would encourage small business to hire pending before congress. blocking, they say are the republicans and criticized for that as well. >> mike, thanks very much. and vera, you can hear the political spin right now the republicans saying, look, the jobless numbers have gone up. not only that but the real unemployment rate. 16.7%. 16.7%. the democrats are going to say look it is slow but steady, we are moving in the right direction who is right here? >> we did do have a mixed bag, kris, positive revisions for the previous month. usually the revisions we get are negative that is taken as a
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positive, a positive uptick in the number of temporary workers that is all great as well. the bad news is the number of discouraged workers has gone up. you have got one job opening for every five people looking for work, a very, very challenging environment. >> new information of those finding new jobs, many of them are underemployed. it is part-time work, it is contract work, it's freelance work that is nearly about a third of workers these days that is the new reality. even though we did see an uptick in the private sector that number was above consensus that is great. but it would require 15 million jobs to be created over the next fiviers to return to a more normal market. so sort of the new norm is, in fact, contract work, part-time work, no benefits, no job security, no 401(k), but for many americans that is a way to pay the bills. >> total needed every month is 200,000? >> at least to keep up with the population growth. obviously not seeing that, we did see this positive number today and i think the market is taking it as a positive because we are so used to the bad news, wither in a scenario, kris, less
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bad news is considered good news. >> waiting to hear from the president. vera, thank you. >> thanks, kris. take a look, is this had the work of the taliban in pakistan? they are the latest organization the u.s. considers enough of a threat they have just been officially classified as a terrorist organization. what you are looking at is eyewitness video to a massive explosion on the streets of pakistan this morning, suicide bombings today killed at least 44 people. the attack was aimed at religious pilgrims who were making a shiite religious procession. police say dozens of people were wounded, some critical. earlier this week the taliban took responsibility for triple bombings at another shiite event in the city of lahore. this morning, the debate over offshore drilling is ramping up once again. this fire at an oil platform in the gulf of mexico forced 13 crew members overboard just 200 miles west of the bp deepwater horizon site a federal
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investigation is under way. the platform is owned by mariner energy, inc. it caught fire yesterday. as we said, again, those crew members were sent diving into the water for their lives. they were later rescued and brought to shore. unlike the april 20th bp blast, no one waskilled, no crude into the ocean and different from oil rigs but has people asking questions about what we are doing offshore. bp said today it has spent $8 billion so far responding to the disaster in the gulf. yesterday, engineers removed a temporary cap from bp's blownout well and next, they will retrieve the well's failed blowout preventer to help investigators figure out exactly what caused that deadly explosion back in april. a 70-year-old screen test is being questioned by the fbi and miami police after screeners found a metal canister in his luggage that resembled a pipe bomb t happened at miami international airport late last night. the miami police bomb squad and
10:13 am
atf agents were called in while four of the six concourse that is busy airport had to be shut down because of the security scare. no explosives were found. the airport is now reopened and that scientist is expected to be released. of course, we are keeping our eyes on hurricane earl right now, now a cat 2 storm, but could cause headaches for people traveling this holiday weekend on the roads and in the air. plus, braving the storm with the weather channel's jim cantore. >> we are now dealing with our sixth consecutive hour of sustained tropical storm-force winds here, as they just continue to howl in this area. [ male announcer ] at triscuit, we're a fan of simple ingredients. so we seeded that into something much bigger. the home farming movement. ♪ join us at
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taking a watch of the rose garden at the white house. new economic numbers out this morning, president with his economic team just getting out of a meeting.
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let's listen to the president. >> good morning, everybody. as we head into labor day weekend, i know many people across this country are concerned about what the future holds for themselves, for their families and for the economy, as a whole. as i've said from the start, there's no quick fix to the worst recession we have experienced since the great depression. it will take years more than any of us like to repair the damage. millions of our neighbors are living with that painfully every day. but i want all americans to remind themselves there are better days ahead, even after this economic crisis, our markets repaint most dynamic in the world. to our workers are still the most productive. we remain the global leader in
10:18 am
innovation, in discovery, in entrepreneurship. now, the month i took office, we were losing 750,000 jobs a month. this morning, new figures show the economy produced 67,000 private-sector jobs in august, the eighth consecutive month of job growth. additionally, the numbers for july were revised upward to 107,000. it reflects the steps i have already taken to break the back of this recession. that's why we need to take further steps to create jobs and keep the economy growing, including extending tax cuts for the middle class and investing in the areas of the economy where the potential for job growth is greatest. in the weeks ahead, i will be discussing some of these ideas in more detail but one thing we also have to do right now, one thing we have a responsibility
10:19 am
to do right now is to lift up our small businesses, which accounted for over 60% of job losses in the final months of last year. that's why, once again, i'm calling on congress to make passing a small business jobs bill its first order of business when it gets back into session later this month. now, here's why this is so important. up until this past may, we were not only waiving fees for entrepreneurs who took out small business administration loans, we were also encouraging more community banks to make loans to responsible business owners. now these steps are part of the reason about 70,000 new small business administration loans have been approved since i took office. and i thank karen mills for the outstanding job she has been doing as administrator of the small business administration. we have also been extending -- fighting to extend these loan enhancements with a small business jobs bill it is a bill
10:20 am
that will more than double the amount some small business owners can can borrow to grow their companies. it will completely eliminate capital gains taxes on key investments so small business owners can buy new equipment and expand and will accelerate $55 billion in tax cuts for business, large and small, that make job creating investments in the next 14 months. and creep keep in mind, it is paid for it will not add one dime to our def of sit. so put simply this piece of legislation is good for workers. it's good for small business people. it's good for our economy. and yet, republicans in the senate have blocked this bill, a needless delay that has led small business owners across this country to put off hiring, put off expanding and put off plans that will make our economy stronger. i have repeated since i ran for
10:21 am
office, there is no silver bullet that is going to solve all of our economic problems overnight but there are certain steps that we know will make a meaningful difference for small businessmen and women who are the primary drivers of job creation. there's certain measure has we know will advance our recovery. this small business jobs bill is one of them and i'm confident if we are willing to put partisanship aside and be the leaders the american people need us to be, if we are willing to do what's next -- not what's best for the next election but for the next generation, then we are not only going to see america's hard-working families and america's small businesses bounce back, but will rebuild america's economy stronger than it's been before, okay? thank you very much. >> [ inaudible ]. >> well, i will be addressing a broader package of ideas next week. we are confident that we are moving in the right direction,
10:22 am
but we want to keep this recovery moving stronger and accelerate the job growth that's needed so desperately all across the country. >> what about a poverty agenda -- >> decision to call this recovery [ inaudible ]. >> i don't regret the notion that we are moving forward but because of the steps we have taken. and i'm going to have a press conference next week where after you guys are able to hear where we're at, we will be able to answer some specific questions but the key point i'm making right now is that the economy is moving in a positive direction. jobs are being created, just not being created as fast as they need to given the big hole we experienced and we will continue to have to work with republicans and democrats to come one ideas that can further accelerate that
10:23 am
job growth. i'm confident that we can do that. the evidence we have seen during the course of this summer and the course of the last 18 months indicate that we are moving in the right direction. we just have to speed it up? all right? thank you very much. >> are you looking at that? >> that is the president after meeting with his economic advisers. this is a very tough time for the democratic party, very tough time for the president, of course, moving into the november elections and questions being raised, pressure being put on the president s there anything he can do to possibly stop the losses that are expected to turn the house over, potentially into republican hands and even suggestions that the senate could go republican. he is calling it, as he said, he doesn't -- doesn't regret the notion that the -- saying the economy is moving in the right direction, you notice he did not say that we are absolutely in a recovery. may seem a little bit of
10:24 am
semantics but not when you figure that a growing number of economists think we could be heading to a double-dip recession. different way you weighs to interpret the economic numbers today, white unemployment rate went up .1 of a percent, private job growth is up 67,000. it would have to be around 200,000 just to break even. so you hear a lot of spin in washington with a lot of stake. so we are going to continue to follow this. and by the way, one of the people in that meeting, the outgoing chair of the council of economic advisers, christina romer, is going to be my guest live a little later on in this hour. right now, hurricane earl is on the move and headed up the coast and could still come very close to cape cod and nantucket. 105-mile-an-hour winds still extending out about 70 miles. that's more than enough to bring down trees and powerline.
10:25 am
there have already been outages. look at these pictures taken by shana reyes on her family vacation in the outer banks. this happened this morning, nags head, north carolina. gas station looking like it is completely blown over. power crews appear to be working on a telephone pole in the rain. so, there is going to be some cleanup going on in the outer banks. >> we are now dealing with our sixth consecutive hour of sustained tropical storm-force winds here as they just continue to howl in this area. obviously, produce the overwash. this kind of scene that you see right here is what we have all across hatteras island. >> that does not look like fun. it was the weather channel's jim cantore getting pounded by hurricane earl overnight. right now, teams are out assessing the damage. jim is with me live right now from cape hatteras, north carolina. still a good wind blowing but they got sideswiped by earl. >> yeah, absolutely, at its
10:26 am
closest point, kris, it was 85 miles from the center. if that was a miss, it was a good miss. i mean, yesterday, before this thing came close to that point, it was a category 4 hurricane. so, a lot of people are certainly breathing a sigh of relief. and you can see behind me here that this is usually a very calm pamlico sound it is very agitated now. a lot of the mariners came in, they tied up their boats. they are doing well. i mean, you stand here and you kind of listen on this dock for, you know, an occasional banging against the poles. that is not happening. they are tied down very, very well. obviously, these guys and gals have been through it before. they are going to know how to deal with this. the problem is we still have this wind coming off of pamlico sound that continues to push the water up over highway 20 -- 12, which is the only route in and out of here. so things are improving in nags head and kitty hawk, we are still in many places, here on hatteras island under water. we couldn't drive 200 miles off to our north right now. if we wanted to get out of here,
10:27 am
we would need an amphibious vehicle to get out of here now because the water in places is too high to cross. haven't seen cars on the roads, it got me thinking, what is going on here? we took a ride north t will be tough to salvage the weekend but believe it or not, may see the sunset tonight, chris and sun out in full force tomorrow as we begin this holiday weekend. >> let's hope so thank you, jim. the nation's unemployment rate inched up four months to 9.6%. christina romer, the president's top economic adviser says it would keep unemployment 8% over less. what happened? we will ask her as she prepares to exit the white house. elf. it means choosing from stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and every etf sold. plus 5-star service and research designed to increase your intelligence, not insult it. so you can wave good riddance to some high-priced joker churning out cookie cutter portfolios. price is one thing. value is another.
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aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. also available in small, easy-to-swallow petites. citracal. [ female announcer ] mousse temptations by jell-o. decadently delicious. 60 calories. it's finally me o'clock. time for jell-o. try new chocolate mint sensation. this morning's increase in the jobless rate to 9.6% follows a farewell speech by the chair of the white house council of economic advisers. that's been described by the "washington post" as unnerving, scary and dark.
10:31 am
christina romer, in that speech, admits she did not realize how strong lit financial crisis would affect the economy but argues we are in a slow recovery. what we just heard from president obama from the rose garden. i'm joined now by christina romer, thank you very much for being with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> you and your colleagues, and these are your own words from that speech yesterday, "failed to anticipate just how violent receipt session would be" and then yesterday as well, fed chairman ben bernanke said he had failed to recognize the vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the financial system. do you understand why the american people are so depressed, why they think this country is on the wrong track? >> yeah, i think what i was saying, certainly what chairman bernanke was saying, there is a lot of uncertainty, especially in a recession like this that was really unprecedented in modern history. we certainly had a lot to learn. i think the important thing is
10:32 am
we absolutely realize that it was a very serious situation, that's why chairman bernanke and the federal reserve took the extraordinary actions that they did. that is why the month after the president took office, he passed the largest fiscal stimulus in american history. so we absolutely understood it was a crisis and hit it with as much as we thought we could possibly get through congress. >> you, yourself, thought stimulus would bring unemployment down to 8% or less, it is now at 9.6. were major miscalculations made? what is certainly true is that the recovery act has done very much what we anticipated that it would do. we announced that we thought it would save or create some 3.5 million jobs. that is a number that has been validated by analysts across the ideological spectrum and the nonpartisan congressional budget office. i think the important thing is we have always viewed this as an evolving process.
10:33 am
that's why over the last 19 months, when the thought of other actions like extending unemployment insurance, like more state fiscal relief so we don't lay off hundreds of thousands of teachers and firefighters, the higher tax credit, we are always thinking about what more could we do to make this recovery stronger because as today's numbers emphasize, it absolutely needs to be stronger to put americans back to work. >> so you just came out of that meeting with the president. i know you are headed off to work at berkeley, but you were just in that meeting with the president. he is about to go to on the road. he mentioned the fact that he is going to be unveiling some things next week. he is going to be going into some key states and talking about the economy. what's your best advice to him as you leave office? >> going to be the advice that i have given from the beginning, that this is a difficult recession. we always knew that we were facing unusual circumstances and strong headwinds, as we try to recover and we have to constantly be thinking about with what more could we go do to get the private sector coming
10:34 am
back. >> what exactly is that? if there is one thing you said to the president, mr. president, my parting words to you are we have to do this. what was that? >> obviously not going to get ahead of the president nor say one of the reasons that he listens to my advice is he knows i don't go onto msnbc and tell you what i told him. i think we need to remain flexible and think what can we do to put people back to work that is what he has done, what the congress has done and what we are going to have to continue doing as we move forward. >> he has repeated that people have to be patient a lot of people out there saying we elected him two years ago. we think we have been patient. we were made promises like an unemployment rate below 8% that haven't come to pass. how patient do people have to be, realistically? what do you see? >> i think the president has been very honest with the american people. we did not get into this problem
10:35 am
overnight and never going to end overnight. you know, i think what the american people, of course they are frustrated, just as we are all frustrated by the fact that we have 9.6% of our population that is unemployed. i think what they have to ask themselves is are people working as hard as they can to take the actions that need to be taken to put people back to work? and i think that's what the president is doing and is very much going to work with congress to continue to do. >> christina romer, who is leaving her job at the white house but heading to berkeley, thank you so much. and good luck. >> thank you. >> i'm joined now by democratic strategist chris cafinas and republican strategist, ron christie. chris, are you hearing anything, what you heard from the president in the rose garden or just now from christina romer that gives you confidence in this administration? >> well, i mean, i have confidence in the administration because, you know, the reality is they have made the tough decisions in a brutal economic climate that they inherited, been incredibly challenging and
10:36 am
unfortunately, a lot of americans are still out of work. but i think the positive here is you have i think an administration that is really for the last 60 days focus on the economy instead of the other issues. i think that is the important take here, for the next 60 days. >> that the message the american people are getting? i think a lot of them saw and i'm quoting a democratic strategist here, who was in the "washington post" today. i think it was ann kornbluth's article who said, you know, they are seeing vacation, they are seeing a redecorated oval office, they are seeing the middle east they can seeing iraq, they are seeing the bp oil spill r they seek the economy? is that what they see that the white house has been focused on? >> well, i mean, to be honest, i don't think white house has done a good enough job as they should have in terms of focusing on the economy in the summer. i think the good news here is you still have 60 days, you look at today's "usa today"/gallup poll, republicans still have not made the sell with the american voters. so you know, short of the -- you know, the united states being
10:37 am
invaded by aliens from outer space, we shouldn't be talking about anything else but the economy for the next 60 days. if we do that if we go out there and make our case about the decisions that we made, how they are improving the economy, how we are going to lead this country forward and contrast that with the failure of the republicans to offer one credible idea how to improve this country, i think we can minimize the otherwise kind of historic losses in a midterm election. >> yeah is it enough, ron, for the republicans to go out there and say, look how bad the economy is. do they need to come up with something? now i know that people bristle when you say something like a contract for america but does there need to be a cohesive plan put forward? is that what the republicans need to do or so co-in some key districts, democrats claim this is the party of no still resonate? >> well, kris, i don't think the party of no is going to resonate anymore. the democrats have controlled the congress since 2007. the president has been in office nearly two years, all they have
10:38 am
done is increase the size of the deficit. they have spent massive amounts of money and as christina romer herself promised, passed this $862 billion stimulus package, unemployment wouldn't rise above 8%, now ticked up to 9.6%. >> what is the alternative? there are unfortunately more than a few people out there throwing their arms up saying this is not good, we don't really know what to do what are the republicans going to do? >> for one thing, i think we need to cut the corporate payroll tax, corporate tax rate is the second highest in the world near in the united states. we should have some form of a payroll tax holiday that gives taxpayers, people who are paying tax taxes, a little bit of relief and do things like shoring up our entitlement system. my friend, paul ryan, the congressman from wisconsin has come one several plans dealing with social security, medicare trust fund that has gone bankrupt. republicans are look at the long-range future, chris and make sure we have a solvency for social security, solvency for medicare, at the same time,
10:39 am
reduce the size of spending and strengthen our trade around the world. these are credible ideas, credible policy solutions that i think the american people are looking for. >> chris, that payroll tax holiday is something starting to get a little buzzsome that something the democrats need to look at? >> it is possible. here is the irony of what ron says when republicans go out there. they go out there and attract president, attack democrats for the economy, for deficits for spending, they ignore the fact and the reality that it was their failures and their policies that helped create this mess. that is first. the second, then they propose tax cuts and then they ignore the very deficits and spending debt we are talking about this is the hip pock chris so i have their logic and policies. the reality here, this is really i think the key thing for democrats and for the white house, this is i think our opportunity, to go out there and tell the american people why our policies and our ideas are better, because the reality is the republicans have no ideas, other than basically rehashing the same failed ideas that they
10:40 am
know don't work. >> chris, the only thing i would say to that president obama, since he assumed office, added more to the deficit since president bush had for an entire eight years. >> ron, why? >> i don'ty? >> chris, i didn't interrupt you, thank you. >> unfortunately, i have to interrupt you. >> oh there is that. >> but ron, chris, thank you for starting your holiday weekend with us. >> always a pleasure. >> appreciate it. >> thank you. teams are heading out in north carolina. right now, getting their first look in daylight at the damage caused by hurricane earl. will people be allowed back to the beach for the labor day weekend? plus, this is no fish tale. a man in maryland catches an eight-foot shark in the potomac.
10:41 am
no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen,
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smoking just a few cigarettes a week could more harm to your health than you might think. researchers at cornell medical center found even the lowest level of cigarette smoke raises the risk of lung cancer and other serious lung diseases by affecting the cells that lighten airways. what a gorgeous sunrise on new york's long island this morning in what could be the calm before the storm. time lapse video shows that brilliant sky quickly tushing gray, as hurricane earl cuts its path along the eastern coastline. earl may spare much of the east coast a major hit but its outer bands could lash several states as it sweeps past north carolina. winds hitting tropical force speeds up to 75 mile percent hour. there are still big concerns in massachusetts where communities that depend on the ocean are the first to feel its effects. on martha's vineyard, last-minute preparations lasted well into the night.
10:45 am
>>' chaos, utter, utter kay, i don't just in there standing in line for literally 20 minutes and people were just crazy, like fighting and arguing in line. >> we have two barefoot correspondents, i'm told, yes, indeed they are. nbc's peter alexander is in montauk, new york, ron mott in kill devil hills, north carolina. peter, let me start with you. how's it going there looks like actually you are having a good time. >> yeah, be very clear, doing this with the lifeguard's permission. drove through here a short time ago and said these beaches are closed which means you can walk along this area for the time being but nobody is going in there the waves here today, chris, between eight and ten feet. we are really going to get hit this afternoon, ultimately become a dinner time event in this area. look at the gigantic surf around here. the concerns include coastal flooding and beach erosion. already it has carved a big swath of this sand away from this area. the beach is closed, the
10:46 am
campground shut down a. a short time ago, we experienced one of those outer rain bands. we should have sustained winds of around 25 to 30 miles per hour later today, doesn't sound like a lot but it can certainly be significant, gusts reaching 40, even 50 miles an hour at times. the long island railroad has stopped going into the city from the hamptons area. the people who went into the city, new york city, a little bit earlier, not going to be able to get back out on that train tonight, kris. the hope is, when this thing pass, everyone can enjoy a gorgeous labor day weekend. >> wondering what the time line is obviously, a lot of people have plans there for the weekend. when are they going to start the trains running again? talking to mike tie even by a little earlier, along the new jersey coast, those hotels are jam packed, absolutely no vacancies. when can people get in? >> a good question. worth noting this thing should be passed overnight, you wake up tomorrow morning, may have another one of those gorgeous sunrises in this area. labor day weekend from saturday to monday going to be beautiful but the late part of today, friday is where the real mess
10:47 am
could exist. >> thanks very much, peter. appreciate it. nbc's ron mott in kill devil hills, north carolina. ron, joking about you and peter being barefoot, a lot of people spent the night in shelters last night there are power outages. what can you tell us from there about possible damage? >> yeah, hi, good morning, chris. the best possible news we have got son far there have been no serious reports of injuries or fatalities that is absolutely outstanding considering how close we came to the eye of this storm there is very limited power outages in this area. we were expecting perhaps tens of thousands really if earl got up and started knocking down power lines and the like. but it turns out there was just several hundred. we don't know how long those folks will be without their juice. we stayed right here at a hotel on the beach, not once did i see the lights flicker and actually, i got a few hours of sleep, which is hard to do in a category 2 storm. the eye passed behind me about 80 to 100 miles so that is pretty close for 125-mile-an-hour winds much right now, we are getting some
10:48 am
of those outer bands making their way north up to where peter alexander and his team r suffice it to say folks waking up on friday, looking outside, wow, we dodged a big bullet here, we were really concerned about how close that eye would go before it made that turn back to the east and to the north and it is jetting out of here. we think that maybe in the next hour or so we will be getting subjectny skies here. tomorrow, the labor day folks heading become to the beach, expected to be sunny skies and 85, kris. >> the main highway in is highway 12. is part of it still closed? >> say that again, kris, one more. >> people wanting to get back in understandably so as i understand it, is part of highway 12 still closed, the main road going there? it is closed to the southbound traffic, northbound traffic coming away from cape hatteras, i understand it, is opened. we do understand there is some overtopping of highway 12 with sand. north carolina dot crews were going to be out there first
10:49 am
thing at daybreak to clear that sand away. our weather channel's jim cantore trying to get his team as far north out of cape hatteras area, buxton, not able to get very far this morning. that is expected to be cleared out here much in the next hour or two, kris. >> ron mott, kill devil hills. gone in 60 second he is, an atm machine heisted by a crew who drove a pickup truck into a pickup store and just lifted the cash machine. check out this surveillance video. you see the reverse lights of the pickup truck are barrelling through the front cook the driver of the truck pulls forward, reverse through the door and knocks the atm off its foundation a total of five men, police say, were involved, four scramble inside and drag that atm out of the store. the crew left the stolen pickup truck behind. i guess there are fingerprints on this. this iowa hawkeyes player was a tough cookie. this player was hit on his
10:50 am
motorcycle, he got up and walked away, take tonight hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the iowa coach says his player will likely miss saturday's season other. i only hope he is okay. you don't often see this too of the innocent potomac river. an eight-foot shark, 300 pounds of a bull shark caught by a maryland fisherman while cruising on the potomac. the fisherman did not need a bigger boat to catch this shark and bring him in. fidel castro made a big public appearance in cuba today, the first time since stepping down as president four years ago. the 84-year-old spoke at a political rally at the university of havana. he even wore his military fatigues, considered a very symbolic act. castro wand the students that the world is on the brink of nuclear war because because of tensions between the u.s., israel and iran. fastest 24-hou, comes in a liquid gel. zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®.
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10:53 am
we are almost two years in and the obamas are a little more open these days when it comes to talking about the first daughters.
10:54 am
we get more from msnbc's chief washington correspondent, norah o'donnell. >> reporter: president obama still calls his oldest daughter his baby, but even he admits she is growing up quickly. >> you have teenagers yet, malia is just -- just turned 12. say good luck, huh? she is my baby. she is gonna -- even though she is 5 finance 9 now, she is still my baby. >> reporter: malia is no baby, a growth spurt over two years now has her almost as tall as her parents. >> she just got braces which is good 'cause, you know, she looks like a kid and, you know, she was getting -- she was starting to look too old for me. >> reporter: the president is increasingly sentimental in public about malia, especially her first summer sleep away camp. >> she has never done before and i may shed a tear when she is on
10:55 am
the way up. >> reporter: once off limits, the daughters are now every where photographed on vacation from spain to martha's vineyard. the president is not only seen with them but also likes dishing about his daughters. >> when i woke up this morning and i'm shaving and malia knocks on my bathroom door and she peeks in her head and she says, "did you plug the hole yet, daddy?" ". >> reporter: most of the private details made public are innocent enough, except when the president got in trouble for talking about malia's grades. >> so, malia came home the other day, she had gotten a -- a 73 on her science test. >> reporter: and it is not just the president. the first lady, too, has spoken openly about her daughters' interests. >> malia's one issue for her father is saving the tigers. so, we talk about the tigers at least once a week. and what he is doing to save the tigers. >> oh, that was nbc's norah
10:56 am
o'donnell reporting. since it is back-to-school time, we have learned the girls get up at 6 a.m. and not allowed to watch tv during the week. i will be right back at the top of the hour. we are keeping our eye on hurricane earl as it makes its way up the east coast. where is the category 2 storm headed next and how will it impact holiday weekend plans? msnbc, back in three. she felt lost...
10:57 am
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this is a limited edition air guitar. whoa! [ brian ] it's a mehlenbacher hollow neck. a mehlenbacher. [ laughs ] so... oh thank you. yeah. can i get a box of picks? have at it man, let's just do it. ♪ [ brian ] can i get a windmill? ♪ [ brian ] come on boys, who's next? i'll chris jansing. tamron hall is on assignment. now on msnbc, weaker but still poking. hurricane earl continues to chug up the east coast. we have reports from north carolina to massachusetts. also, jobless rate rise for the first time in monthsome there a silver lining? plus, what comedian jerry lewis is saying about star lets like lindsay lohan. can't wait for that we begin this hour with hurricane earl and the east coast dodging a direct hit. the storm passed by north carolina overnight

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